She fully throws herself into her feelings rather than thinking clearly and logically about the person she fell in love with. This means that they’re generally more behind the scenes people, planting their seeds in things without directly doing the deeds themselves.

Theory used:, She gives herself fully in the relationship with Dorian and does not think for herself. I’ve been putting this one off because I don’t even have a tiny idea of what Hope could be. The inversion of a Bard of Hope is a Maid of Rage; one who actively creates negative emotions, anger, and limited choices.

Bards tend to have truly stunning strength when attacking, but their use of that strength is unreliable at best.They could use their phenomenal hope abilities to power dangerous attacks, or use enemies’ false hope to lead them to disaster. Ironically, Hope has strong associations with science in spite of being the aspect of faith. Too reserved, and they revert to their old, avoidant self who didn’t truly see things for what they are. That is, until a crisis of some sort hits the Bard, forcing them to reconsider their ways and make a new decision based off of their discoveries - do they return to their old ways, completely become overwhelmed by this new discovery, or find a compromise between the two? Bards tend to have truly stunning strength when attacking, but their use of that strength is unreliable at best.They could use their phenomenal hope abilities to power dangerous attacks, or use enemies’ false hope to lead them to disaster. Like all titles, a person’s actions will not always be in accordance with what they have been assigned. James Pack / April 28, 2020 / News / 0 comments. permalink; save; context; full comments (1980) report; give award; Me (25M) and best friend (28F) recently slept together, now causing huge issues and tension, no clue what to do by bestfriendadvice8 in relationships Bard_of_Hope 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 months ago . Hope is the aspect of faith, motivation, goals, positive emotion, willpower, unlimited choices, and belief. Allowing the enemies hope of winning to be destroyed. They likely have a bunch of phobias and an idea that they cannot truly trust anything - it’d all crumble into dust if it was real in the first place anyway. A Bard of Hope is one who allows the destruction of hope. As always Bards are the wild card. That’s the essential idea behind it. If I ever reblog something of yours that you don't want reblogged, please contact me and I will be happy to remove it, and/or refrain from reblogging anything from you in the future, at your request. They could also be someone who belittles others believes and good moods. The armory holds anything the Bard can imagine and has the hope needed to create. Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. They’d be criticizing and quick to dismiss and ignore. Hope is fortitude, faith, reality, and truth. Their crisis would come when an idea they criticized bitterly came to bear fruit and was actually successful, or some sort of guardian angel or something that shouldn’t exist but does help out the Bard of Hope somehow. They’d embrace that some ideas can actually come to life, given that they’re sculpted with enough criticism and doubt first to test how real it is. This planet resembles a ball of birdseed, and the consorts seem to be snow-white doves… but the demonic-looking lizard beasts that roam the land claim to be the consorts as well. The Knight of Hope would have the ability to weaponize Hope in the form of motivation and faith for their own benefit and the benefit of their team. Bards are cynical characters whose shared keyword is ‘neglect’.

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