After each phase, test whatever you’ve moved, making sure it works correctly and integrates well with the new environment. This maps to a single MIG_REMAP_  table within the MIG_NEWSYS database. Costly – an institution must purchase additional data storage media at each migration. This is a document that contains directions and actions that the people performing the migration need to strictly abide by. Additional documentation and reporting of the migration project is conducted, and once the migration is validated complete, legacy systems may also be decommissioned. The migration effort will result in data being remapped, requirements to track the progress of long running stored procedures, and operate simultaneously with other migration tasks underway in other areas of the corporate data model.
the table cater for the enabling/disabling of reference data items? can delay development as no data means no code cutting. ii. [2] This will result in having to move physical blocks of data from one tape or disk to another, often using virtualization techniques. [SystemObjectAffected] [varchar] (50)    NULL . iii.

When using t-sql, use SET NO COUNT and take care with error handling. 60% of all tables require complete remapping and merging. You will be surprised how many tables are reference data tables, at times being over 1/3 of the total tables. Throughout this article I will mention an example data migration project with the following characteristics. A single stored procedure should be developed to process all reference data. same drive/path). [2] Each of those phases has its own steps. Primarily, it focuses on process, standards and some of the many issues to consider when undertaking this role. As a final note, take careful consideration of reference data that changes regularly to meeting external (and possibly internal) reporting requirements.

It is very important to get this right early in the migration, as all systems will depend on it. Data migration involves moving data, accounts, and applications from one operating environment to another.
The key to ensuring a smooth migration is having a well-defined security policy.

Be careful that replacing databases may impact multiple migration team members and can result in complete reloads of reference data etc associated with the staged data. mig.MIG_LOAD___sp    migration code specific to the sub-app, mig.MIG_REMAP__sp                          remapping specific stored procs (optional), mig.MIG_REFDATA_                 staging reference data, mig.MIG_REMAP_                remapping data tables, optionally add , mig.MIG__         staging and other tables specific to app mig, mig.MIG_System_Log                          logging of all errors etc during running of stored procs, mig.MIG_Conversion_Matrix                to map old p.keys to the new p.keys (where applic. If all is deemed well, migration begins, including the primary acts of data extraction, where data is read from the old system, and data loading, where data is written to the new system. constitutes a transaction and a valid record or set of records. This area is critical and must be updated at a minimum.

This article covers a wide variety of areas concerned with data migration. one system has the definitive set of data), c)      one off hard coded inserts/updates in t-sql code. During the migration (which can take place over months or even years), data can flow in multiple directions, and there may be multiple migrations taking place simultaneously.

Reports to users in all cases with migration progress.

MIG_NEWSYS          is our dedicated migration database for the app. c)      Load System B based on mapping table data. Data is stored on various media in files or databases, and is generated and consumed by software applications, which in turn support business processes. You must be very careful here simply because people will be investing large amounts of their time and money mapping one data value to another and do not want to be told days or even weeks down the track that what they have been doing is no longer relevant. This document has the step my step processes to load and report on a data migration for the application. Spreadsheets are an easy way to maintain lists of reference data outside of the scope of other incoming migrated data sources. It is very rare that your staging and migration databases require anything more than full backups once per day, and possible twice if you consider a possible one-day loss too great.

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