British study programmes are known for great flexibility. Augmented Reality, a.k.a.

Class time will consist of in-class demos, screenings, discussions of readings, and software tutorials. Professional training courses in Germany are the professional activities that can be learned as part of a training relationship within the sandwich course system.
| 3 credits. Physical computing is a set of tools and practices that enable artists, designers, and hobbyists to create electro-mechanical works that can sense aspects of the physical world and effect changes to it in ways beyond those offered by the standard desktop, laptop, or mobile computer. 10:30am – 6pm, IMA Number: IMA 78344 Students will then be introduced... IMA Number: 783.06 Our training courses are currently being converted to online courses. Programme formats range from short courses, certificates, and diplomas, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  PDF | Industrial mechanic.

Relations between visual culture, language, the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, will be scrutinized in light of the changi... IMA Number: 70500 IMA Number: IMA 76500 Using examples from traditional media and digital culture, students explore the social, historical, and economic context in which apocalyptic notions of a world on the verge of catastrophe and disaster emerge. Students will work collaboratively to design and prototype games that foster social change, education and civic engagement. This hands-on production class will focus on narrative strategies, production techniques, ethical considerations and critical listening in the field of narrative non-fiction audio.

Industrial management assistants control the business work flows in the company. Participants were able to delve more deeply into research, learn about open problems, and meet potential collaborators.

| 3 credits. Students will develop a sub... IMA Number: 72200 align them and start the work process.

They develop, design and optimise electronic components for all kinds of production and information processes. It as the aim of permanently providing options for employment. Motion Graphics is the use of animation of visual elements to contribute to story telling in film, video and interactive media.


Students will learn camera fundamentals including how to set up a camera to ensure the highest quality image. Improvisatory Audiovisuals: : Non-Restrictive Approaches to Making Live Visuals and Sounds in Collaborative Performance, IMA Number: IMA 78303 | 3 credits. Contact us to find out how we can meet your organisation-wide needs. This course is designed for the non-fiction producer of documentaries, series, shorts, interactive and other forms of factual content for the screen in all genres and across multiple platforms including theatrical, television, digital, web, mobile and installation.

A course to explore the intersection of sound, visuals and dance in solo and ensemble situations, developing the student’s abilities to perform solo and in groups of different sizes and across art forms. Mechanical engineers are involved in the development, design and construction of all kinds of machines, systems and units.

| 3 credits.

| 3 credits.

Rarely seen, cutting-edge films with social relevance will be pulled from many corners of the world such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, as well as North America and Europe. IMAeVarsity | 3 credits.


Students will be enco... IMA Number: 780.83

Benefits of Studying Short Courses With us.

We will explore the shifting landscape of rights, reuse, and remix in the digital domain, with a particular focus on the practical and creative implications of fair use, transformative uses of copyrighted material, and ways to n... IMA Number: 701.00

Summer Programs. | 1 credits.

Bizi Takip Edin ; Agenda. This 2-day intensive class will explore analog photographic processes as a complement to time-based media practices. | 3 credits. They put together deliveries, pack the goods, produce the required shipping papers and load the trucks and containers, etc. We also plan to offer our face-to-face training as soon as it is appropriate. This 2-day class will focus on how to write and produce audio walks. Saturday, April 6 and 13 Hunter IMA grad students and Hunter Art MFA students come together over two Saturdays to create short form collaborative video projects that integrate performance and documentary approaches. We use a range of approaches to assist the learning: short inputs, discussions, participatory work, games and individual activities.You will gain confidence to communicate about finance and work strategically with colleagues, accountants, donors, partners and other stakeholders.

In response to typed questions, the bot responded with Einsteinian answers, insights and, of course, promotion for the series. Recently, after 25 years of making experimental docum... IMA Number: 783.17 Course At A Glance Course: Certificate in Basic Transfusion Medicine Course Total Duration: 5 hours and 18 minutes Medium of instruction: English Fee is Rs 5000 /- ( For Indian based Drs ) Fee is US $ 70 ( For International Drs ) About the Course Transfusion Medicine is a developing branch in medicine and […]

Where do your artistic ideas and inspirations come from?

design strategies to allow financial communication to improve the impact of your organisation and its management. In “Taking a Documentary Detour”, we will explore an associative, non-literal approach to images in the process of mixing fiction and non-fiction modes of production. Cutting machine operators produce precision parts and components for all kinds of technical products, they set up lathes, milling and grinding machines and modify the CNC programs for them.

On the other hand, it is also intended to make specialists available to industry on a long-term basis. Specialists for storage logistics take in goods of all kinds and check their quantity and properties on the basis of the shipping papers.

| 3 credits. This class will meet on Saturday + Sunday, September 12th and 13th from 10:30am – 6pm but if it’s online, it will meet on Fri, Sat, and Sun, September 11th – 13th from 10:30am – 3pm | 1 credits. | 1 credits. | 3 credits.

| 3 credits.

A blank screen might suggest an empty slate, an error, an opportunity, a loss, confinement, a boundless space, a place to build and play, or a fresh start.

After attending the right preparatory program, you can be the student of your wish school. This course introduces IMA students to the subject of color in visual art and media from antiquity through the present.

| 3 credits.

This course is designed for the non-fiction producer of documentaries, series, shorts, interactive and other forms of factual content for the screen in all genres and across multiple platforms including theatrical, television, digital, web, mobile and installation. This capstone project must be completed satisfactorily before graduation. (Click course title for a full description.

This class will meet at 205 Hudson Street, also known as the “MFA Building.” Particular emphasis will be on helping s... IMA Number: IMA 75500 This production course introduces students to the fundamentals of photo editing, visual studies, design, digital graphics and illustration.

Students will explore participatory, new media, interactive and cultural production approaches to engage community members in placekeeping and collective storytelling. How do we build systems for shaping and manipulating video in real time? Master Class: Fashion Management . İstanbul Moda Akademisi bir    iştirakidir.

methods for deconstructing the physical playback object that manipulate the natural conditions

An exploration of the rich history and representational strategies of alternative media used by movements for social change from the 1930s until the present.

| 1 credits. Third Cinema is a neglected movement in Western cinema studies. This course will challenge traditional conceptions of the television studio by placing the “control room” front and center as a site for performance. Our face-to-face training courses are currently suspended due to Covid-19. Through reading, viewing, discussing, and students’ research presentations, we wi... IMA Number: IMA 768.00

The first is to explore what questions medi... IMA Number: IMA 78366 signal.

| 3 credits. This gives immediate benefits, which you can take back to your own organisation as well as partner organisations. As documentary filmmakers, we grapple with the natural, social, cultural and political phenomena we witness through the lens of our cameras. communicate clearly about finance management with stakeholders. Instruction will cover 19th and 20th Cent... Saturdays, February 9 and 16  PDF | Industrial management assistant.

Professional training courses always have state recognition in the training regulations in accordance with the German Berufsbildungsgesetz (BBiG) [Professional Training Law] or the Handwerksordnung (HwO) [Handicrafts Regulation Act]. […] IMA Number: 78089 Students will learn how to import a timeline from another NLE (non linear editing system), such as Adobe Premiere, and conform the timeline within Resolve. In the practical participatory sessions you learn how to: Tailor-made: We also run all our courses as in-house, tailor-made training.

| 1 credits. The Fall 2016 semester will unfold against the backdrop of a highly contested New York City where issues of gentrification, displacement and land use policy continue to dominate residents’ concerns and spark activism. Short Courses; Analytics for healthcare professionals. Outside of the realm of industrial models of media production built on hierarchy and division of labor, and the “artistic” models which stress the individual as star or brand, lies a large area of production focused on “sideways” models of information produced in collective contexts. Please click the button below to find out more. In sales their area of responsibility includes drawing up calculations and price lists and holding sales negotiations with customers.

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