I appreciate the log information as well that you had provided us. Hello - I've had the 8800l since about 2 days after it was released. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Jan 19 05:44:46 (none) dsmd: [DSM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:State change from [online_usb] to [online_battery]! Please complete the update if there is one pending, and let us know if the issue persists or not. Jan 19 05:35:29 (none) ansd: [ANS]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}: Generating Alert Notification batteryFull, title notification_battery_full_title, label notification_battery_full_label. Jan 19 11:33:46 (none) dsmd: [DSM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:State change from [online_usb] to [online_usb]! I appreciate the log information as well that you had provided us. Please click on this link to check to see if your device is up to date on the latest firmware version. Data connection on the hotspot is disconnected and you are unable to join a video meeting or browse the internet until the connection comes back up. Jan 2 03:48:53 (none) ansd: [ANS]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}: Generating Alert Notification startup, title , label, Jan 19 05:51:35 (none) ccm2d: [CCM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:TSYNC System time set to 2019/01/19 05:51:35, Jan 19 05:51:35 (none) ccm2d: [CCM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:TSYNC CCM updated system time from NETWORK, Jan 19 05:51:36 (none) init: [INIT]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:Finished run level transition 7 3.
MiFi Limitations and Issues . Here, is a posting of the few last internet sessions. I've done some monitoring of the logs, and it doesn't seem to log an error of any kind when the drop happen. It has been a problem for a couple months, it has become more problematic. It is never fun to deal with internet connectivity issues when you had never experienced an issue before on a particular device, Mrantala.

Good speeds, always connected. I surely don't want to see you give up on Verizon Wireless or your device and appreciate all the details you've shared.
Jan 1 00:00:27 (none) ansd: [ANS]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}: Generating Alert Notification startup, title , label, Jan 18 02:03:11 (none) ccm2d: [CCM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:TSYNC System time set to 2019/01/18 02:03:11, Jan 18 02:03:11 (none) ccm2d: [CCM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:TSYNC CCM updated system time from NETWORK, Jan 18 02:03:11 (none) init: [INIT]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:Finished run level transition 7 3. Jan 19 05:44:48 (none) dsmd: [DSM]:[notice] - {mifios_sysevent}:State change from [online_battery] to [online_usb]! You signed in with another tab or window. You have indeed uncovered an unusual puzzle piece regarding the data sessions though, so I'd like the opportunity to review your account a bit closer.

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