Ahhh! Most of the world is run by lunatics who, as the band sing on the album, have taken over the asylum (a line copped from the lyrics from Joe Talbot’s faves Funboy Three).

The toxic male culture of Trump Johnson is over and the tension is everywhere and is dealt with by IDLES, whose sensitivity inside their noise sees them prepared to question the world and themselves and their own faults as well as the rest of the world’s. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. We're dying for the stone-faced liars There are also the keyboard worriers – curmudgeonly old dudes who saw the band on TV and type missives about ‘the Idles’ and the fact you can’t hear their words, don’t like their clothes or most weirdly of all don’t agree with their beards. I personally thought this record was genius, as it compiled some of the most necessary messages for the time into a record that simultaneously felt like a relief and a punch in the jaw. This makes them important. Talbot’s lyricism is cringe-inducing at times, putting forth some of his worst writing yet. Of course, this would be fair enough if they had lost their way with their third album, if they had neglected to hone down their vibrant life-affirming thunder or if they had lost their muse. Of course, this is going to cause tension.

IDLES do manage to pull together some tasteful bass riffs and driving drums, adding some life to tracks that otherwise feel relatively soulless. Trouble that in Strummer’s time rock music was at the centre of culture where now it can feel almost obselete – is it just another distraction out of a million? WAR!

On the 10th track of IDLES 3rd studio effort. Community is reflected in their Facebook page, AF Gang, which is an open forum that discusses everything from the band and beyond. Finally, “Carcinogenic” might be my favorite song lyrically on the record, likening social ills to carcinogens. In 2020 we need a sonic tonic. A tension of idea and tension of opinions. Ahhh! Musak for Keir Starmer neoliberals to clap to. They bring an intelligence and a meaning to the music and they somehow manage to cram their wild intelligence into short sharp shocks of sound that is honed to perfection. The rhythm section is really this record’s saving grace even though the performances here are not nearly as good as they were on the band’s previous releases.

Anti-war! Just like The Clash back in the punk days of yore, IDLES are under the cosh. Ultra fast acting silicon nutrient - for all plants in all settings ... Grow-Genius mono-silicic is made in the UK with silicon from Scotland, minimising product miles. Anti-war! Talbot’s lyricism is cringe-inducing at times, putting forth some of his worst writing yet. On the 10th track of IDLES 3rd studio effort, ULTRA MONO, singer Joe Talbot aggressively yells a set of words that would have once sounded right at home in an IDLES track, “Sycophants does not a good band make…”. Moteur ultra basse consommation à débits constants. Whilst embracing the same intensity as Kurt did, it has a more positive communal outcome at its heart, replacing the genius of our late raspy-voiced American chum’s, ‘I hate myself and want to die’ mantra with ‘I love you all and we need to embrace life and community…’. On Ultra Mono, the band confound and draw lines in the sand. You’ve got to be kind to yourself.’ ‘War’ was like, ‘Yeah, do it, actually learn to love yourself.’ That was the start of a big chapter in my life. Guess what, finally I’ve managed to get tickets for their Brum gig. A fast forward-thinking city of ideas and independence and a progressive vision. No one gets this big without the slings and arrows.

100ml (makes 3,333L of solution / 200L foliar). It was like the war of self that I had to win. The big bang of the album is the inner turmoil of trying to get rid of the noise and just be present—so it was perfect. Brilliant. They try to embrace a new world that is just beyond the chaotic horizon. Ezra Furman finally takes her first steps back towards the... Rachel Victoria has channelled depression, despair and garden sunbathing into one sublime debut EP. They are a fast forward progressive city cast as a band. (ahhh!) Glad that we are on the same page, just read this after turning my own review in and feel much better now. We needed a tonic and Ultra Mono is the band playing to all their strengths with a defining clarity of purpose. Instead, in the context of ULTRA MONO, this adage sounds absolutely blasphemous, seeing as this is IDLES most sellout work yet. Send Sally into open fire IDLES do manage to pull together some tasteful bass riffs and driving drums, adding some life to tracks that otherwise feel relatively soulless. Those added hip hop grooves create space when they are used on songs like Grounds that rides along on a massive old school hip hop groove hammered out on the drums as Talbot deals with the new idealism and protest culture declaring the key line ‘not a single thing has been mended by just saying you are offended’. Exploding out of the album is the wild energy, the epic size of the music, the sheer scale of ambition that has just been amplified even more with the message made more concise becoming very clear. Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. And that is about as ultra mono as it gets. They are a ruling elite, a pathetic cabul of snickering public school oafs who got caught out by a pandemic – they really haven’t got a fucking clue. Cast: Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung

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