On February 5th, a small Dragomárus scout force spotted the first Freeholder army over the ridge and across the river leading into the village of Saltden, and they attempted to send runners back to the main force to alert them. Arming themselves with weapons, particularly crossbows and ranged weapons, they positioned themselves in the trees surrounding the meeting point and waited. beginning of the Tentative Years; The forces of the Crown were just slightly higher than that of the Deserters, and so the Deserters were content to remain within their city, bunking down for what promised to be a cold winter; several inches snow had already fallen a week before the Crown army arrived, and some still remained on the ground, creating a muddy white surface on which any battle would be fought. §§ 251–255; prior to 2016, 10 U.S.C. Early in 325 AC, protests against Aeganar's rule began. He'd often find himself waking up with his head pounding and his mouth dry, with a terrible hangover and often late into the day. Under the Dealing laws, they could not be persecuted at any time while attending the event without the offending party facing severe reprimand, so they were safe to advance further. 2 years, 6 months, 3 days long, All of Andoras, mostly in the mid-eastern region of the Kingsland, Independence of all Lord Paramounties and free counts; Featuring an Andoras at its peak, the rebel side, primarily led by the realms of Thyllanor, Thunder's Shore, and the Moonlyt Peaks with some end-war assistance from Gardoria, went to war against the loyalists, or the Crown, which included the Kingdom of Andoras itself, followed by its vassals the realms of The Wetlands, Edrane, and Frostfall. ... it is clear, then, that King Aeganar IV Dragomárus cannot value the lives of others. Dragonspire City Riots - April 29th - May 12th, 346 AC Most of these travels had little to no violence, and Aeganar had escaped each town with his self intact - regardless if they heeded his message or not. He decided to go to the capital of Thyllanor itself; the province which was having the highest rates of con-crownism and a penchant for revolts, especially under the Karthmeres, known agitators of the crown as it was.
Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is a brilliant mobile strategy-RPG from Ubisoft Entertainment, creators of popular games, such as Hungry Shark World, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and the latest – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.The game lets you collect heroes from the AC universe and build your own team of assassin’s to fight the Templars. Aeganar himself participated in the tournament, and won second place in the joust to be bested only by a young Larys Carston, who would later be knighted and become one of his main generals. It also set to make different factions within the continent itself, and to this day, the loyalist paramouncies still have tensions with those who won the war and dissolved the kingdom.

These treacherous conditions meant that the Crown held off on directly assaulting the city, but King Aeganar, who had been away from the front for some time, had another strategy in mind.
He demanded to raise every man, woman and child to the sword and force them to fight against the deserters. The year of 328 AC was relatively quiet for the war, with both armies opting to occupy land, or at least try; at the Northwestern Front, the Crown was held at bay for some time, but the first real loss of the war for the Deserters took place beyond it -- the Battle of Garanide, in the Wetlands.

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