Overall, an interesting classpect capable of some nifty abilities. But anyway, once the Bard of Time has their collapse moment, they’ll start to experience Time in great measures. But if the Heir can learn to unlock their power with careful practice and concentration, they can send the stars back into the sky, thus allowing the frogs to come back out. They could wipe the minds of their enemies clean, leaving them confused and disoriented so they’d become easier targets.

On the flip side, they might be completely narcissistic and absorbed in only their own feelings, completely consumed by themself.
They’re very quirky and random, not really controlled by a schedule, and have sudden fits of motivation for a new piece or project. They keep a bunch of low-maintenance plants around their house, too, because they want to be able to support as many as they can. Active equivalent: Witch of Space (Jade Harley).

The Prince of Mind needs to learn that they shouldn’t always destroy Mind. On the other hand, the Prince’s eventual grim outlook (if they come to terms with Time instead of constantly destroying it) will help to keep the Seer grounded. Both the Rogue and the Maid are used to being stepped on by others– the Rogue because of their failed past relationships and the Maid because of their tendency to follow rules from others and never stand up for themself. Auspistice: Seer of Mind. The Seer of Heart would be able to understand and empathize with the Prince’s distress, seeing the Prince for how they truly are on the inside. The remaining consorts turned to crime using the bubbles to get around quickly, in the hopes that they can steal all the shackle keys and the special power crystals that are scattered around LOBAC.

(Though this should be used sparingly, as the utilization/weaponization of Heart goes more into the territory of Page and Knight powers.). As for a strife specibus, Princes usually have something powerful that is often meaningful to them. An Heir of Space would be very creative, artsy, and innovative from the beginning, due to the combination of Space’s imaginativeness and the Heir’s passive change and alteration. However, the consorts are all afraid that the other consorts will judge them and their creations, so they all wear large cowboy hats in order to hide their identities. The use of emotions for destructive purposes could also involve gradually stirring up a crowd with their abilities until everyone is full of furious passion and a fight breaks out, turning the enemies against each other.

And, with Time representing endings/death, they surround themself with Space in order to block out the death and destruction happening in the real world.

You bet. A lot of her teammates (and even some of the fandom, unfortunately) seem to view Nepeta as a sweet little angel because of her cutesy cat persona, but she can kill it in combat! They’d be able to allow destruction through Time. They can influence objects to change their size, speed and location to benefit them. The Prince of Time will need to stop seeing themself as superior to their teammates, especially because of their art. Maybe they fall in love for the first time. Mind represents logic, so maybe they don’t want to be limited to having no emotions in their judgement, or maybe they have suffered a misdeed under the hands of someone who was like that. It’s likely they can’t tweak very specific genes in a very permanent manner like a Witch can; it’s more like they send a general static shock or ‘gene glitch’ through an enemy. Bards also allow the destruction of their aspect, so the Bard of Time allows timelines to gradually decay.

Unlike a Sylph, who would give advice (which would be ignored by the stubborn Prince and questioned relentlessly by the Witch), the Maid of Blood is a ‘maid’ of their aspect in that they take care of all the odds and ends that come from it, allowing the relationship to not spiral out of control. The idea of their creative works–and their own self– decaying completely terrifies them. For example; they see a movie about giant monsters invading the earth. Destroying an enemy’s Time could also involve destroying their future and therefore freezing them in a timeless bubble. So they might be able to summon a bunch of their selves from alternate timelines in order to gang up on someone. The Bard of Heart might suddenly be overcome with passionate feelings about something or someone. That’s more of a specific example, but in truth, this idea of destruction through timing can have a variety of applications. More info under the cut. Hell yes! Due to their procrastinating and laid-back nature, it’s likely that they wouldn’t bother with the upkeep of timelines. My general policy is that a person’s actions and life events define a Mythological Role rather than personality.

So the denizen has eliminated most of the bubbles and has placed heavy iron shackles on most of the consorts, which causes them to move very slowly. The Heir of Space is someone who starts out passively embodying their aspect and having an abundance of it, often without realizing it. Something to remember is that Space doesn’t seem to be solely matter.

They might even become the de facto leader of the team as they continue to accept responsibility in their life. To be protected by Space I guess would mean that the world around you would just naturally adjust itself slightly to protect the Heir passively but would be much more rapid in more dangerous situations. Deep down, the Bard doesn’t really know themself.

Heart is the aspect of self (the soul), personality, bias, emotion, standing out, and passion. And speaking of DIYs, upcycling is definitely up this Bard’s alley too! So we want someone in this quadrant who helps create gradual growth. Their house is booby-trapped with poison ivy, cacti, and Venus flytraps? Perhaps they were noticed for something about themself that they didn’t want anyone else to know. Nihilism? off.

So, your typical Bard of Time would be a recycling, tea-leaf-reading hippie living in a giant atrium with paintings and plants, basically thriving in a setting akin to a fever dream. Witches have a clear result in mind - due to their greater knowledge of what is and is not possible - and force their aspect to achieve this. Unlike a Prince, whose powers are powerful and difficult to control, a Bard might be able to direct this gradual enervation towards certain timelines. These two would come to understand and support each other, both on and off the battlefield. They let their feelings essentially get stomped on because they don’t feel as if they should stand up for a certain opinion. They can teleport to various unoccupied spaces in the blink of an eye. This is honestly a kind of tragic title since Heart often represents the self. [Inbox: 3]. Besides that, the Bard of Heart could destroy emotions, which could work for better or worse depending on their nature. As well as having their own size, speed, or location changed to keep them safe. As for a land for the Prince of Time, I suggest the Land of Skulls and Melody. If they become too afraid of facing all the slaughter, they might overuse their powers and destroy all the timelines, preventing the future itself from occurring (essentially stopping time!) So they could do some subtle damage over the course of the battle with the Black King, gradually chipping away at his strength in a way that goes unnoticed but does a significant amount of harm. It’s likely that this Bard would employ this kind of adaptable personality to the fullest, varying their behavior and interests from person to person so they will be liked or at least accepted. This Heir might be literally ‘spacey’ in that they have a low attention span and tend to drift into their own daydreams. Maybe they trusted someone, giving them their utmost loyalty, and that person betrayed them. To continue, the Prince can also destroy Time. Wild, right? Another way this Bard could destroy through their aspect is through themself, or their own Time. They could also destroy Mind in its most literal sense, driving someone into a state of madness.
But they learn to actively harness that too and use it to their advantage in battle. It’s likely that they don’t have any real connections in their life. What they do: Bards allow the destruction of their aspect or allow destruction through their aspect. The Bard of Heart must cause the gradual decay of this item’s popularity using the influence of emotions, as well as the destruction of some of the gondolas, but they must be careful not to destroy too much, as some is needed so the consorts have a healthy balance between logic and emotion.

They might be the type to space out frequently, lost in their creative thoughts. This actually sounds like one of the more interesting and mind bogglingly powerful combinations. They could complete this quest in a variety of ways: They could strategically destroy the network of trains in order to prevent production of clouds. I hope you found this helpful. (And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it!

This could go a lot of ways. There’s also stealing through Blood, so this Rogue might have the ability to steal through bonds. The Bard eventually creates a sort of balance by destroying their aspect, intuitively learning “how much is too much?” They’d be able to allow destruction through Heart.

This Mage additionally knows themself through and through, so they know what they are (and aren’t) capable of, which would really help keep their impulsiveness in check. Probably a great affinity for frogs and amphibians. Possibly teleporting out of harms way when they’re about to be hit. The Prince could also destroy the consorts’ time, freezing them in a sort of bubble or even a paradox or time loop, or they could destroy the land’s time, freezing all the action entirely. Space is the aspect of beginnings/creation, creativity/art, randomness/variety, process, femininity (& fashion), passiveness, organisms, science (biology, chemistry, physics), space in terms of galaxies & universes, and space in terms of where you are (location) and what’s around you (matter). So for the Rogue of Blood, maybe you could go for something with some precision, such as bowkind, crossbowkind, or yoyokind. Perhaps an incredibly powerful and fully realized Heir of Space could embody the Genesis Frog to some in a larger extent. Becoming space, means becoming the plane of creation, the canvas upon which reality is painted and played out. Overall a very useful and interesting title. It would essentially be a kind of psychic assault.

Think about it! In a more literal sense, the Bard of Time could destroy clocks and music or musical instruments. This Mage is definitely out of luck when it comes to love…ouch.

The Bard of Time currently lacks or avoids their aspect, Time. Unlike their active counterpart (Witch of Space, Jade Harley), who exerts her will so Space will do as she forces it to, this Heir uses their aspect more intuitively and naturally. Destruction through Time could also involve the gradual decay of any object or, horrifyingly enough, a person.

A Prince of Time would be able to use this in an extremely powerful way for offense, but I see the Bard of Time using this ability in a more passive way.

A Mage of Heart could suffer from Heart in a variety of ways. Heir: Passive manipulation class. I’m super new to your tumblr and I already love it! The Bard might also be able to destroy their own Time, so they’d be much faster, more agile, and have a decreased reaction time. With that they can become Space … For both the Heir and their enemy. This could be done to both living and nonliving things. This could involve some kind of amnesia, seeing as Mind has to do with memory.

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