At this level, the Sylph of Hope would have the basic healing powers that other god-tier Sylphs would have. We see this first when Jake tells Jane about his feelings regarding Dirk. This mess climaxes on Jane’s sweet 16, in which she can’t stand listening to and providing advice for Jake any longer. The mage can take on the shape of any creature that he desires, of any size. They would know what their team should prototype. Verbena renew themselves with a draught of pure water or a charm of good fortune.

However, he kept complaining and wallowing in his problems, which exhausted Feferi. How does one realize the full potential of nothingness? Mediator has a lot of Sylph stuff packed in it; “Overanalyzes” would most likely apply to a Seer, Mage, or Sylph. Most phenomenally, a Master of Life can combine her powers with other Spheres to create complex living creatures from Quintessence or from other Patterns. Meenah has a very powerful presence (due in some part to her thief class) and is a very chaotic force in general. Sure, she wants them to be the best they can be, but she disregards their feelings and promotes growth in a very destructive and unkind way. Tell the world of this Comic & Game! Nanna, as a sprite, possesses healing powers. The space aspect, as alternate Calliope tells us, is a lonely aspect. This Mage may experience this type of recklessness or temptation. I’ve started to receive some requests, and I’ll get onto Classpecting once I have classes and aspects nailed down. That’s enough. I think i would be a mage of light. Jane struggles with this one a lot. If I had to rank all the classpects based on how soon they should god-tier, the Sylph of Hope would definitely be up there in the top 20. there’s a giant pit that poses a danger to the community and needs to be filled, JANE CROCKER, the Maid of Life. You use Hope (daydreaming) to cope with stress, which is where the whole “intimate experience/struggle” with your Aspect could come into play. By. Or, the more likely, favorable and concise explanation- Eridan bad. Their time powers in question wouldn’t be great. Using doom as a powerful weapon could be really good against an impressive foe, or could wipe out the players or even part of a session. So that pretty much means. In day-to-day life, a Sylph of Hope would be a real team player. With the strength drawn of life, the mage can be whole and effectively immortal. If there’s a goal someone else has in mind, the Sylph of Hope would do their darndest to make that Hope real. At their best, they are great listeners, caretakers, and nurturers. Hussie even suggests that Nannasprite had her healing powers because Jane is a Maid of Life. Interestingly, the true aspect of the Fuschia-sign is Life, and if the Life-bound have this thing for leadership, and Life is even slightly present in all fuschia-bloods…well, that’s a topic for another time…. At their worst they might selfish or bad at having hope (especially for themselves, as Jake showed dealing with his Dirk problems). Simply altering a Pattern within its normal range of forms — swapping two Physical Attributes, for instance, or changing eye color — is a much simpler and less danger-prone use of this Effect. Meulin had a matesprit and a moirail, which likely cemented her love for redrom pairings (which she shares with Nepeta). Leave your thoughts in the comments! As the rule goes for everyone, you don’t need to god-tier, but having a god-tier for the final battle against the Black King would be incredible! In conjunction with other Pattern magic, the Adept of Life can assume various supernatural properties: becoming a fire-breathing dragon or eating metal, for instance. “Those bound to the aspect of Life are the universe’s healers. Doom is the aspect of suffering, after all. Now to the list…, 1.) You might want to put the Sylph of Hope in charge of ALL alchemy, considering their passive nature. She pitted her friends against each other in an attempt to improve them. Was wondering what you think of the idea that powers often manifest from things related to an individual's hobbies, interests or generally things that they do a lot, out of habit or nature; that those are often turned up to 11 as a manifestation of classpect powers? Emotionally, a realized PoS would be able to manage their space and personal space well.

Okay! The Mage plunges a knife deep into the Knight’s heart. The Mage of Life is well informed on growth and evolution. If I had to go off of just the results you got, you’ve definitely got active energy. Now, let’s wrap up their challenge. Not cool. Or perhaps they might be decent thinkers, but they’re too indecisive to put that mind power to use or can’t make decisions quick enough. Life is one of the more literal aspects, being about the energy and life force that surrounds us all. Like I said, Jane Crocker is still a nice person. A mage can take on various forms to her advantage: Claws, gills, increased Physical Attributes or Appearance, body armor and more. Because Sylphs tend to over-create their aspect, a Sylph of Hope could Make so much Hope that it could prove overwhelming to some, or it would just further infuriate those with problems too big or complex for simple Hope.

Lunar Sway plays a huge part in determining a person's’ character and behavior, which can sometimes make the person more difficult to properly classpect or give off the impression of other aspects. If someone is writing a story that doesn’t quite make sense or have a clear meaning, you’d be very effective at helping make their story make sense, or providing a sense of coherence and order if their story is a jumble of plot points and scattered ideas. ), which is what the Life-bound struggle most with. As Horuss himself states, this is a confusing classpect. The saving grace is that a PoS would be very powerful, rivaling or surpassing Jade’s powers (remember she gained the power of the green sun!). Into the Mage class…. Combined with fully realized powers, this makes the PoD a personified nuclear bomb, at least in my opinion. A light player is valuable because they can provide information, critical to a game like SBurb. By altering complex Patterns, a mage can heal people or animals and perform small manipulations to them. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend this quiz; it’s a very accurate class quiz. As with any gross physiological change, there is a risk of Pattern bleeding if the true nature of the Pattern isn't altered. Unmoving.

The really bad thing about this classpect is that a space player is required in a null or fruitful session, and is responsible for breeding the Genesis Frog. They’d certainly be capable of revival, and could rapidly heal, especially themselves. The Sylph of Hope could effectively Create whatever others Hope for. The mage starts by learning to feel the flow of life energy. A mage's manipulation of living Patterns begins with the most rudimentary ones, and with the ones most familiar to her. At times of great Hope or belief, they might be able to heal wounds. Life is energetic And rebellious - it hAtes being confined by rules And limitAtions. They would be very fast and great at moving (Tavros dances when he dumbfounds Vriska), and would have powerful windy powers. Such gross changes always cause Pattern bleeding as well. It should only take a minute or two, and there are a few optional questions at the end. Jane is declared the “leader” of the alpha session, which she is okay with. Players of other aspects can still be leaders, but typically a Blood or Breath player will lead unless there isn’t one in a session. In terms of powers, we don’t have much to go off of. The Mage takes poison, knowing full well that won’t kill them, since it wouldn’t be a just or a heroic death. Seers tend to understand their aspect through a more academic and conceptual point of view, whereas the perspective of a mage is shaped largely by their own experiences and knowledge. As the mage lacks detailed knowledge of such complex Patterns, she cannot unravel the Patterns quickly. Disguises and beneficial alterations are popular among Tradition mages in varying degrees — Verbena sometimes give their pets unusual capabilities, Euthanatos might change the appearance of their confederates and Hermetics would just deform people with whom they became irate. And what’s the point of an awesome leader if you’re not going to actually get the awesome leader when you need to, you know, LEAD A SESSION?! Happy 4/13! Mages have a hard time understanding the opposite of their aspect. leader, a desire that is fulfilled by the Condesce. So if their Hope is weak, they won’t be a very effective healer. I’d say permanently, but a weaker Hope and/or stronger depression might make the “cure” less effective. One aspect down, 11 more (and 13 more classes) to go! Life is energetic And rebellious - it hAtes being confined by rules And limitAtions. Deeply empathetic, they have an intuitive understanding of others suffering and the best way of righting those wrongs. Black holes are also a possibility. You’re welcome! A Sylph of Hope would instill optimism, imagination, and belief into others. Even then, the pranking system is very impactful on her! Each Tradition has a time-tested means for self-healing; mages get into too many scrapes not to! From a meta-textual perspective, Hope represents the plot coherence of a story (Essentially, what makes a story “work” in a coherent and meaningful way).

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