But anyway, you can't walk more than two meters in any direction without accidentally stepping on something that can combine with Sliver Queen to shit out infinite sliver tokens and mana, so feel free to gain infinite life, deal infinite damage, whatever rocks your proverbial socks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While players in the Commander format each start with forty life, the game's poison mechanic allows for players to lose the game regardless of their life total, as long as they have ten or more poison counters on them. The First Sliver allows its controller to accumiliate massive sums of value as they are gifted additional slivers (and by extension additional buffs) each time they cast as sliver. Playtest v1. Rather, this is a way to demonstrate the differences in each deck’s gameplay style and general philosophy.

Instant speed capabilities are something which should not be overlooked in the Commander Format. This means that even a small group of Slivers with a diverse number of traits can rapidly become a force to be reckoned with, each being a sum of the brood's abilities. Perhaps one of the most underrated slivers in magic, Harmonic Sliver converts every cast sliver into a source of utility. The reason for this is that there aren't any more variations Wizards can do on a one-appendaged beaked worm-like creature, because they've already done just about every possible variation. Focus on putting small creatures into play that defend themselves well, and when you have enough of them, slam the Legion into play like it’s an Overwhelming Stampede for one big flourish. In fact, you could have just as easily done Queen + IA + mana elves or something equally retarded back in the day). Sliver Overlord‘s abilities are potent, but mana-intensive.

Its effect is basically Coat of Arms, a fantastic blowout card to end a game with your army, and a handy thing to have in the command zone… but it’s also a redundant ability.

Probably not enough to overthrow Silver Overlord as the commander of choice, but definitely slotting right into the 99 for the extra value. With enough optimization you will have a nigh unkillable board of gigantic unblockable creatures with a Staggering number of abilities.

(If, however, this spell is still on the stack, any Sliver it Cascades into won’t yet have the Cascade effect, since this card isn’t yet in play to grant them that global ability.

While Sliver Overlord is guaranteed to find whichever Sliver it wants, The First Sliver is guaranteed to see the low-drop Slivers all the time. Possessing the ultimately broken cascade ability, The First Sliver provides all other slivers its owner casts with cascade.

Let’s get to it. This only shows up in 21% of Overlord decks, compared to Amoeboid Changeling‘s 54%. (Bonus card to consider: Call to the Kindred. Importantly, if it’s in play, and you Cascade into another Sliver spell, that spell will also continue to Cascade.

Returning in Onslaught Cycle, there are sixteen Slivers. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions.

I know, it’s not a Sliver at all. I've tried using similar chaos cards in other decks, but I've always removed them because I couldn't get through to a win, which means I was sandbagging the entire table for nothing. ass raping of a magnitude not seen for quite some time, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYRQyBV263c, https://1d4chan.org/index.php?title=Slivers&oldid=695174, Auto-includes (gemhide, muscle, sinew, manaweft, predatory, any of the 5-color legendary badasses), Not Mandatory But Still Pretty Fucking Scary (shit like harmonic, The ones that can prevent your important slivers from getting nuked (Clot, Crystalline, Hibernation, Ward, Crypt, Frenetic, Diffusion, etc. Though they may not seem like much at first, usually being about 3 Mana or less and having fairly standard stats, the strength of the Slivers is in the whole, not the parts (EVERYTHING IS A LORD THAT IS USUALLY 3CMC OR LESS, OH GOD I CAN TASTE THE VALUE GIVE ME MORE WIZARDS SENPAI!). Card Kingdom 690.88 - 864.26 . A monstrous hive-mind, slivers become increasingly difficult for players to deal with as a game progresses, as nearly every sliver provides all others of their kind with different abilities. In this case you'll also be looking for cards to keep your combo safe.

She’s a traitor to Sliverkind! If anything I'd just add the foodchain combo to allow you to infinitely recast TFS and dump your whole deck on the board. Please see the pictures for more detail. The Overlord also has a few nasty tricks up its sleeve, using Amoeboid Changeling to transform and steal enemy creatures like it’s casting New Blood! CardHoarder 20.45 TIX. Overlord is mana-hungry and greedy, and as with any tribal deck, it will flood the board with tons of creatures. Controlling five slivers provides all slivers with +5/+5 for a total of twenty-five power, while having ten slivers in play provides each with a mammoth +10/+10. With 1,285 decks to its name, Sliver Overlord is the most popular legend for the tribe by a long shot, and the fourth-place five-color commander overall. Doesn’t it sound lovely to cast Harmonic Sliver into Muscle Sliver into Striking Sliver into Ancestral Vision? This didn't break the Standard format and have Slivers run absolutely rampant which is what was supposed to happen due to control being so strong in that meta. He was also born exactly one year before Magic: the Gathering, which he thinks is probably some kind of sign. Possibility Storm in Cascade Slivers. In fact, I think there’s a lot of yet-untapped potential here. The First Sliver has Cascade, and gives all your other Slivers Cascade as well, allowing you to flood the board extremely quickly! As such be prepared to shell out some cash for a stronger Sliver deck.

That said, as a commander, the Legion could provide a fun take on the traditional Sliver formula; most people expect the tribe to buff itself incrementally with its smaller Predatory Sliver-style minions, but a Sliver Legion in the command zone frees up the rest of the deck to exclusively use utility Slivers. It should be no shock that Galerider Sliver and Winged Sliver are great options here, especially in conjunction with Sentinel Sliver, providing a near-impenetrable defense to the tribe.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I think the synergy is just as strong here, even if the Overlord can’t tutor for this specific enchantment. Why is everyone saying it's a bad card? TCGPlayer 622.81 - 810.83 . A new breed of Slivers appeared on the plane of Shandalar.

Maybe it sounds hokey, but I think it’s a fun experiment. While most slivers are able to benefit the rest of their hive by providing all other slivers with a notable keyword, Cloudshredder Sliver has the distinction of providing Slivers with not one, but two notable keywords. Slivers returned to Magic after being notably absent from the Dominaria set. Any two-drop Sliver you play will almost assuredly hit Striking Sliver or Galerider Sliver, practically guaranteeing flying and/or first strike for your team. Unlike previous iterations, M14 slivers grant their abilities only to slivers with the same controller as themselves, rather than to all Slivers. Clot Sliver is usually budged out of other Sliver decks because they need space for Muscle Sliver effects, but here, you have more room. Need a pump? You may cast it without paying its mana cost. The oft-ignored Psionic Sliver will never accidentally kill your creatures, since they’re indestructible anyway, and opens up a lot of fun interactions with Spiteful Sliver and Syphon Sliver.

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