i.e Sick Leave red with white text, Vacation Leave green with white text so you can easily see what leave is taken.

Would also like some additional Half Day Leave Types/Columns.

Thanks so much for this!

Will you do a new one for 2020 ?

How do you recommend using time carried over from a previous year?

Please can you assist me by; Inserting colums with NAME/SURNAME/ SITE/ EMPLOYEE #/START DATE Vacation leave – after each month have the vacation balance (this will make it easier to see what vacation leave balance they have at that month (however still leave the total vacation days as you have it too) Is there a way to have a column with a leave amount that the staffmember has like at end June 2016 Mr x has 8days owing to him and so continue is this manner? Hello Liza… Try this formula: =Total Leaves-SUM(NL8:NO8)-0.5*NP8 (in cell NQ8 and copy for all the cells in NQ column). Thanks. Question though, I need to add another category, Leave upcoming approved. I am very confused here, please help! I need to track 2017,2018,2019 and so on in one excel sheet. How can I add a quarter day. If you ever need to fill out a form, here is https://goo.gl/76rzxp, Hi Sumit I have added an overview sheet that uses a drop down to select the employee and then show the annual leave.

Using this template, is there a way to calculate the number of days of annual leave they have taken only within their current contracted 6 months. I looked at the VBA code and couldn’t figure out why it is doing this…. Is there a way to duplicate the worksheet so I can have four categories of staff on different worksheets in the one workbook? For example, each client is given 100 units for Behavorial Health for either a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period. How to modify the formula.

please help? I actually have two. I want add couple holiday workseets (holiday_US, holiday_UK..) For all of new add new formatting with different colors.

Here's an employee leave system that we already created... have a look and see if it does what you're looking for: © Copyright from 2003 ExcelExperts.com No content can be replicated without permission from ExcelExperts.com. If they work a holiday, they receive one comp day to use at a later time.

Now you can enter Half Day leave by typing the code H. It will be counted as 0.5, hi sumit! The only block I can see to this is the VB logic to show the calendar. Just one question, I like to protect the spreadsheet to avoid people make changes or overwriting formula – the problem is when I protect the formula area (the 2 red triangles either side of the month /year) I am unable to change the month and an error is issued saying that I need to unprotect the sheet. After entering leaves on 8,9 & 10th Feb, excel formula only count leaves of 8th & 10th Feb. This excel sheet has been provided by Abhishek Kumar. how can I count cumulative offsets and offsets used apart from the leaves in one spreadsheet?

How would I go about changing this? I’d like to color code the leave days.

Thank you that you share it, making my life easier I have one question regarding the leve types. Also, sir, is there a way that if i type “x” into the calendar then it wont count it towards a leave? Hi, I also wanted to calculate shrinkage of the month for a team and also set a shrinkage limit. When you use the scroll bar and change the month, column NJ shows leaves only for the selected month.

Thank you.

Hi… this spreadsheet is really great and has helped me tremendously… I just have one question please. Attan: Dara Pettinelli. Hi Sumit. thanks! I need 4 columns. Here is the direct download link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tv8rgeyrna70pg/Excel-Leave-Tracker-2016-TrumpExcel_v3.xlsm?dl=0.

Please share if you’ve got the solution, Hi, I’m trying to download the leave tracker, it just shows up downloaded like a zip file and when I open zip file, no spreadsheet. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

I did it for you here (up to 40 employees) – https://www.dropbox.com/s/qsfyo70kyf1ugvh/Excel-Leave-Tracker-40Rows-TrumpExcel.xlsm?dl=0.

Thank you!

i just want to enables multiple employees can open the sheet at a time.. it shows error “cannot be shared because has Maps or HML … ) how to fix it. Hi Admin, How can this template be used for over 100 staff of a restaurants business that has many outlets.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you, hi! of days after the full service years. Best regards Teet. Hello There is a little problem in the excel sheet. Please let me know if you have an answer. I love your tracker, but is there any way to track using hours instead of days?

The Excel Leave Tracker Template is wonderful, but One question – how do I change some of the values from 1/2 day to full day.

thank you for the leave template. Hi, thanks for this!

To have it all in the same tracker might complicate it a lot. As an idea for a future spreadsheet what about and ‘Issues / Risk Log Tracker’. This is very wonderful. Thank you, Super useful, thank you so so much for your work.

Use our unique annual leave calculator to track the annual leave of employees and to calculate a provision for outstanding leave over any 12 month period.

It doesn’t allow for macros. Hello.. Thanks. When I mark half day for an employee the leave breakup counts it as 1 and not as 0.5.

You can however, easily add more employees by adding more rows and copy paste the formulas and formatting. Thank you for this creation.

However my HR is running on monthly cycle of 16th – 15th every month.

Thank you.

I just discovered the leave tracker and it is great.

More about weekday formula here – http://trumpexcel.com/learn-excel/excel-formulas/WEEKDAY/. Make sure you don’t delete the rows, only the data.

Thank you. hi, if an employee is already separated and supposedly not included let say in december..how do you arrange the employee column? That would keep the tracker intact and also have the columns visible at all time, Hi sumit i need to add columns to the left, please help. Hi, wondering if there is a way to change the position of the scroll bar, after adding more employees? Its a great template. I NEED HALF DAY VL WITH PAY, HALF DAY SL W/ PAY, HALF DAY SL W/O PAY AND HALF DAY VL W/O PAY?

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