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THIS SITE IS NOT CONNECTED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. I was going to use more colorful language but suffice to say, that this is total horse dump.

One of our instructors in classroom phase was former 5 year resident of the Hanoi Hilton. My understanding that only other SERE training at time was at Coronado . And with minor tweaks, the course has remained largely the way he envisioned it.

Many tears were shed at that time, a moment in time that will be with me forever! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. One guy did escape.

No. But by now, many prospective Special Operations troops will have read the horror stories of SERE and psyche themselves out before ever touching foot in the place. It was cold, wet, and hungry out by day 2. Me too I went sere trng in 1968 and I still remember all the details.
Since that day every time I here the National Anthem and see the flag raised I get chill bumps. Some things you never forget. The course finishes with a day of debriefings in which the students receive individual and group feedback from the cadre. Join our community. What you’ll need to do to pass the Selection and Assessment courses.

They had a lot of tasks to complete while isolated in a survival situation.

Barracked at Camp Tien Sha and worked at the Deep Water Piers facility. The second phase is a five-day field training exercise in which the students practice their survival and evasion skills by procuring food and water, constructing small evasion fires and shelters and evading tracker dogs and aggressor forces for long distances. Mike, that means you’re just beyond your teen age years. did our PT….it’s been a while but I won’t forget it. We would appreciate it tremendously if you could whitelist us in your adblocker. I’m confused. The only drawback is, the survival portion of the SFQC was very good training that candidates did on their own.

?Students never forget the lessons they learn here, we prefer they screw up here and learn then to screw up in real life,? The SERE course spans three weeks with three phases of instruction, with the first phase consisting of approximately 10 days of academic instruction on the Code of Conduct and in SERE techniques that incorporate both classroom learning and hands-on field craft.

Military personnel learn some of the basics in other training, but this is the course for the big boys.

One of chiefs going through the training had a heart attack that night and he was pulled out the next day when they could get to us.

The Air Force conducts training at Fairchild AFB, Wash., and the Navy has facilities in Brunswick, Maine, and at North Island, Calif. at SERE Brunswick in Sept. of 75. They had to lock everyone down and tracked me with many teams and dogs. Sounds like the designation has changed but it was survival training for those in the Navy.

One of the highlights of the course is that the cadre brings in former POWs to talk to the students about what to expect and how they coped with being a captive.
The students that undergo SERE training learn as much from their mistakes as from their successes, according to Haug. Do to some poor medical care at the VA, I have begun experiencing panic attacks again. I escaped the prison compound and was half out of my mind and kept going deep in the woods. After we turned boats over to the Army and the Vietnamese in May ’70, it was off to being on security at the Triangle in DaNang with some time down at Hoi An.

That was an account from Brandon Webb’s account on the picture of SERE training from his book, “The Making of Navy Seal.” Importance of SERE. SFC Alwyn Cashe Poised to Be Awarded Medal of Honor, Ground Branch: The CIA’s covert alternative to special operations, Michèle Flournoy Poised to Be Biden’s New SecDef. They rounded us all up on day 3 because they were afraid we would freeze and took us to the concentration camp. There wasn’t an animal alive within 10 miles of the place.

Although most readers are not exposed to huge risks and might not find themselves in enemy lines; at some point, you might face challenges where the SERE … Level-B is designed for personnel whose “jobs, specialties or assignments entail moderate risk of capture and exploitation.” DoD 1300.21 lists as examples, “members of ground combat units, security forces for high threat targets and anyone in the immediate vicinity of the forward edge of the battle area or the forward line of troops.” Current combat operations have shown that practically everyone deployed in theater falls under this category.

Myth #2 SERE is a “Torture” School designed to break you: Wrong again. I went to SERE at Little Creek and field training at Camp AP Hill in Feb/March 1969 before going to Vietnam and served with IUWG from Apr 69 to Apr 70. This was the most challenging training I’ve ever had. Myth #3 Troops come out of SERE with PTSD and Psychotic: This one has to be my favorite. During hell week, we were givin 1 potato and a live chicken.

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