Thus, the work began in 1859 and its first part was completed in 1862.

Suez Canal, an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, is referred as ‘the Highway to India’. Out of this grand total, as much as 75 miles were excavated, which is one of the factors that added to the difficulties of its construction and delayed completion so much. Its responsibilities towards pollution control of the marine eco-system were also tested.

So when he conquered Egypt in 1789, Napoleon Bonaparte send a team of researchers to take measurements for such a canal. French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi came up with the idea of building a grand statue to celebrate the Canal, and pitched it to the Egyptian government and developer Ferdinand de Lesseps. The project began in 2014, and is programmed to be open for use by the end of 2016. A look at the Suez Canal – past, present and future – revealing its complex character throughout history and influence on geopolitics and world economy. As the Suez Canal was damaged extensively, it lost its operation after the Suez Crisis and the wars which followed, until 1967. After the Suez Crisis occurred in 1956, the Suez Canal Company took over the responsibility as Britain and France were no longer major shareholders. Unfortunately, the work was suspended again in 1863, when Ismail succeeded Pasha. Also, the expense of shipping goods from Africa, Europe and Asia were overcome when this canal became functional.

Albeit criticizing the project for many years, the British government did not hesitate to buy a whopping 44 percent of the company’s shares when the Egyptian government put them up for auctioning as more funding became necessary, and continues to be a majority stakeholder.

Lesseps, a former diplomat, had reached an agreement with the Egyptian government, or rather, the Egyptian Khedive, and together they formed the Suez Canal Company. After successfully finishing the Suez Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps developed the idea of building another canal over the Isthmus in Central America.

And while most everyone knows some bits of information about the Suez Canal, this massive construction that took 10 years to complete, has a fascinating history that can keep you fascinated for hours.

The Canal was built to connect the North Atlantic ocean with the northern Indian one, considerably reducing the distance between Europe and Asia, and thus encouraging world trade and transatlantic transportation. The statue would envision a woman dressed in traditional Egyptian garb, wear a torch, and be titled “Egypt Bringing Light to Asia”. As of today, the canal transports over 4 million barrels of crude oil in a day that equals to about 5% of the global oil output. When the secret plot unravelled, it was a diplomatic catastrophe that launched the start of a new era of post colonial politics. The idea had been inspired by the Colossus of Rhodos, and it would have stood at the Mediterranean end of the Canal. Despite all the efforts, this project failed to move forward as the British opposed it and Muhammed Ali Pasha was ill and, at the same time, less than enthusiastic. The project of making Suez Canal took 10 years to complete and it was officially functional from November 17, 1869. It was only decades later, when new measurements showed that the sea level difference would not hinder construction, that the project was approved.

Safety measures of the canal have also been checked to tackle any fire outbreaks, safe refueling and leakage in vessels.

Lesseps’ company crashed in 1889, while he and Eiffel were prosecuted for conspiracy and fraud.

This significant waterway is responsible for …

This means that labor was mostly forced, and consisted of peasants threatened into working, basically using handheld tools to dig up the canal’s way.
This was an immense achievement of the Egyptians till that date. There has been a considerable rise in the revenue of 2010 where it reached US$412.8 million, a good increase as compared to 2009.

Suez Canal, with an extensive history, forms an essential part of the global trading system used by many nations. The European influence on Pasha succeeded to carry the project ahead and a private company was given an agreement to take up the construction works. Privacy Policy |

Since it would have been devastating for English trade, the project was discontinued. The project was initiated in 1881, twelve years after the Suez Canal was completed, but was subject to many failures and misfortunes under Lesseps’ management, including an epidemic that resulted in thousands of deaths. The construction works went on well till 1863 and was stopped in 1864 but was eventually completed on November 17, 1869, and the canal was made available for navigation and international trade. However, on June 5, 1975, operations resumed and the canal was open again. Lesseps had promised that building the Panama Canal would be easier and quicker than the Suez. All the efforts went vain when, in 1835, an epidemic shattered the Saint–Simoniens and they returned to France.

Unlike the Panama Canal, Suez Canal, located in Egypt, runs in a straight direction going from north to south. Suez Canal does not have special gates or locks to control the rise or fall of the water level as the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea are at the same level. Nowadays, thanks to the expansion, the Suez Canal will be about 120 miles long, or 193 kilometers. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. In simple words, Suez Canal is a short cut to transport oil and many other goods between Europe and Asia. Its creator later tried—and failed—to build the Panama Canal. Drawing of first vessels passing through the Canal showing al-Qantara on the East and El Ferdan on the West. 28811 members and growing – the largest networking group in the maritime industry! It connects Mediterranean Sea and a northern branch of Red Sea, Gulf of Suez and greatly reduces the marine travel time by curbing the need to go around Africa. This significant waterway is responsible for 8% of the global sea trade and 2.5% of Egypt’s GDP. Employers – The western entrance of Martyr Ahmed Hamdy passing beneath the Suez Canal, Ahmed Fadel Supply Support Vessel worth $40 million and owned by the Suez Canal Authority, A dredger owned by the Suez Canal Authority.

But because the project had also received support from the French Emperor Napoleon III, the British government saw it as a deliberate act of defiance towards their global shipping power, which far surpassed any other at that time.

Pros And Cons Of Limited Liability Companies. It was also meant to have a practical purpose, serving as lighthouse to passing ships. It was again given shape, this time by Charles le Pere, in 1799, but the work was again suspended due to a miscalculation of the levels between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

After this, the canal remained an ‘international neutral shipping zone’ for years under the rule of the British and French. The ships were released in 1975, with all but two of them no longer seaworthy. October 26, 2016. The idea didn’t catch on here, but Bartholdi continued pitching it until it was finally brought to New York, where its original name was a more encompassing “Liberty Enlightening the World”.
A technical report was made which proved in 1847, that there was no real difference in the levels between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Still eager, the Saint-Simoniens formed an association in Paris to study the possibility of Suez Canal in detail.

In simple words, Suez Canal is a short cut to transport oil and many other goods between Europe and Asia. ‘Aigle’ was the first ship to pass through the Suez Canal after its completion on 17 November, 1869, followed by ‘Delta’, British P&O barge.

Also called the “scramble for Africa”, the years between 1881 and 1914 represent a period which saw major invasions of African territory by what already were, or became great world colonizers.

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